Alex Guterres

Alex Guterres, Operations Manager

Adept at recognizing opportunity, Alex kept in touch with Rizzo employees he’d met over the years. He grew impressed by the company culture, especially its focus on employees. So, when the opportunity to join Rizzo arose in July 2023, he didn’t hesitate.

Alex brings vast experience to Rizzo from his time at Amazon and Daifuku. He actively ensures a safety-first culture and manages operations, including inventory, equipment and fleet – always with an eye toward opportunity.

“I love to implement process improvement projects and see an idea come to life that increases Rizzo’s productivity. Yet, I’m most passionate about creating a safety culture that prevents injuries and saves lives.”

In addition, Alex enjoys measuring his team’s success, as well as his own, to motivate everyone at Rizzo to operate better each day. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical engineering from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in Brazil and an MBA in supply chain management from Brigham Young University.

Alex’s Definition of Exceptional Client Service: “Exceptional customer service means getting to know clients, identifying their needs, and then providing services that exceed those basic requirements.”

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