Jansett Rizzo Belovodia

Jansett Rizzo Belovodia, COO

Jansett currently holds the singular claim of having been a part of Rizzo Brothers from its earliest beginnings. She first began “working” at age 10 when the company was still in her parents’ basement, assisting the bookkeeper (her mom) by adding columns of figures on a manual adding machine with tape, typing in check amounts on an old check protector and then pulling a lever that punched holes into the check with the correct amount (no, seriously!), typing up invoices for the president (her dad) on a manual typewriter using carbon paper to have a copy for the files, etc. She was promoted to become president’s secretary when “the Shop” was moved to 907 Roberts Street in Newport, Kentucky.

She received her bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts from NKU and initially thought she’d become a famous actress, but after a taste of professional theater in New York, she chose to become a registered interpreter for the deaf instead, first in Delaware and then in Washington, DC.

Jansett inherited her maternal grandmother’s and paternal grandfather’s spirits of adventure and wanderlust, sparking her to galivant around the world for several decades and garner unique and marvelous experiences, while always circling back home to check in, organize the board of directors, write a company newsletter, and spend hours discussing philosophy, spirituality and the cosmos with her dad and the more practical aspects of the company with her mom. She stopped wandering when her mom asked her to come back home to stay, which she happily did in 2017. She joined the team at its current location in 2020, and claims to be semi-retired.

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